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1) 3d support. This is of course a very big request, but it would also be useful for many people.

yes ... Alan and I are thinking of some (not that we came far yet)

2) About graphing, it would be nice to be able to do contour polots and density plots. I know I asked for contour plots some time ago, and there were some examples, but I don't think there was ever some built in support for it. Maybe that can be done "easy" with help of lua? I guess there exist good algorithms.

spec needed ... as 'code' can be any function it's mostly a matter of what to pipe back to mp

3) (small) The possibility to have arrows in coordinate axes. I have not had the possibility to test the new features today, and maybe this is already built in (drawarrow?), but I mention it since I did not see it in the pdf.

no, but that is rather trivial to add

Again, it is very nice that you work on extending MetaPost/MetaFun further!!
wel, mp is ... fun (and these extension are somewhat challenging)


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