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Hi Hans,

Thank you very much for the new features! I haven't yet read all the 
mag-1104-mkiv.pdf where you explain some of them, but after modifying one of 
your examples, I noticed that some funtions get a strange graph, which is 
probably due to the fact that metafun2 is interpolating between points in a way 
which is not correct.
For instance, in the following example (which is a slight modification of 
yours), the curve drawn is not a graph, in the sense that for some values of x 
it seems to be two or more values of y.

How does metafun 2 traces the curve between two discretization points?

Best regards: OK

%%% begin draw-2.tex

draw lmt_function [
        xmin =  1.0, xmax = 2.5066283, xstep = .1,
        ymin = -2, ymax =  2,
%       xticks = "bottom", xsmall = 80, xlarge = 20,
%       yticks = "left", ysmall = 40, ylarge = 4,
        code = "1.5 * math.sin(2*x^2)",
        xlabels = "yes",
        ylabels = "yes",
        ycaption = "\strut\tfd \rotate[rotation=90]{vertical}",
        xcaption = "\strut\tfd horizontal",
        pointsymbol = "dot", pointsize = 4, pointcolor = "orange",
        sx = 2mm, sy = 4mm, linewidth = .025mm, offset = .1mm,
        xsized 8cm ;


This looks like a typical .. vs -- issue. I think there is a way to change how the points are connected, but I'll have to look at the code again.

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