On 2/28/2020 11:48 AM, Christoph Hintermüller wrote:
Hust not to miss something or mess up every thing.
Can i setup my document preamble such that i can without any switching
create pdf and epub output at the same time.

Want to provide my lecture notes in pdf and epub format.

In other words does it have any side effects on pdf output, if i put
\setuptoutput command preparing document for xhtml/epub output in my
document preamble/main document?

Or would i have to enclose this in some \ifelse conditional block? If
is there a possibility to control condition from mtxrun command line?
Currently it is created at the same time but it runs slower. Indeed using some mode makes sense because you might also want to have a different layout (the simpler, the less possible side effects, actually when doing epub or export using some very large page also makes sense as then there can be less interference of page breaks and so).

\startmode [epub]

and then run with --mode=epub


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