On 3/4/2020 7:55 AM, Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
Not only Hans van der Meer is producing (or trying to produce) ePubs at the 
moment; I reviewed my XSLT workflow 
(https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Epub_Sample) since my publisher colleagues and 
our distributor aren’t happy about just publishing PDFs as eBooks.

While the first book in a series of four is now ready with a lot of manual 
corrections, in the second one the XML structure is messed up: the chapter 
title structure comes only after the chapter content, and index entry tags are 
empty with the actual entry behind like this:

<paragraph>Ein sentimentales Rührstück ist <highlight detail="emph">Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten</highlight> dennoch nicht. Die beiden 
Hauptdarsteller <registerlocation detail="index" internal="396"></registerlocation>Anton Petzold (Rico) und <registerlocation 
detail="index" internal="397"></registerlocation>Juri Winkler (Oskar) füllen ihre Rollen ganz wunderbar aus...</paragraph>

In ConTeXt code I marked the actors with
\def\NPers#1#2{\index{#2, #1}#1 #2}
as \NPers{Anton}{Petzold}.

But since that just uses \index, the XML tag should catch the contents, don’t 
you think?

I’ll come up with a MWE; don’t know if I’ll manage to reproduce the 
title/contents mixup though. The other book’s export is ok within the same 
project. It uses the same environment, but a slightly differing chapter setup. 
Any hints which setting could cause the re-ordering? (And I use \startchapter … 
\stopchapter of course.)
personally id i'd want an export i'd use a mode where i turn off all kind of fancy formatting

at some time i might even split off the export in the sense that when enabled some other layout features get disabled (for instance: when you make a chapter title setup that completely decouples the order, e.g. put it on some layer, you can't expect an export to work: export doesn't look at the input, it works with the output and reconstructs from that)


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