> Am 2020-03-04 um 07:55 schrieb Henning Hraban Ramm <hra...@fiee.net>:
> While the first book in a series of four is now ready with a lot of manual 
> corrections, in the second one the XML structure is messed up: the chapter 
> title structure comes only after the chapter content, and index entry tags 
> are empty with the actual entry behind like this:
> <paragraph>Ein sentimentales Rührstück ist <highlight detail="emph">Rico, 
> Oskar und die Tieferschatten</highlight> dennoch nicht. Die beiden 
> Hauptdarsteller <registerlocation detail="index" 
> internal="396"></registerlocation>Anton Petzold (Rico) und <registerlocation 
> detail="index" internal="397"></registerlocation>Juri Winkler (Oskar) füllen 
> ihre Rollen ganz wunderbar aus...</paragraph>
> In ConTeXt code I marked the actors with
> \def\NPers#1#2{\index{#2, #1}#1 #2}
> as \NPers{Anton}{Petzold}.
> But since that just uses \index, the XML tag should catch the contents, don’t 
> you think?

Coming back to this. I recognized that of course the name behind 
</registerlocation> is completely correct and according to my definition of 
But the content of \index (here: "Petzold, Anton") is still missing, while the 
command creates this <registerlocation> structure.

Since you (Hans) say the export only looks at the output, then it makes sense 
that is empty, since there’s nothing to see.

Actually my XSLT already looks for the <registerentry>:

<registercontent>Petzold, Anton</registercontent>
<registerpages><registerpage><link destination="internal(396)" location="396" 
 destination="internal(406)" location="406" 

And the lookup actually works, so I don’t know why I’m complaining. Didn’t 
understand my own workflow any more.

Now to solve the title structure mystery…

Best, Hraban
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