Simone Mainardi wrote:

> > I have this running now, so I can't try creating host pools unless I undo
> those changes.
> >
> > One thing I've noticed with dynamic interfaces is that if I select one, then
> click on the chart icon, the traffic peaks seem way too  high. Eg 85Mbps when
> we only have a 14Mbps link.
> Peaks you are seeing are very likely due to the quantized nature of flows.
> Your netflow exporters do periodic exports of active flows -- say every 2
> minutes -- so the ntopng/nProbe pair is not able to know what happened
> during the 2 minutes, it just receives the exported flow at the end of the
> period. This translates into a potentially high volume of traffic in a very 
> short
> period that determines the peak. However, total values over time must be
> consistent.

That makes sense. I wonder if it would be helpful to add a note about that on 
the charts so that people understand their limitations.

Does this mean I can still use those charts to look for periods of high usage, 
but should take the vertical scale with a grain of salt?

Peter Shute
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