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> Hi everyone,
> I am excited to report that we have completed the hiring of two full
> time NumPy developers at BIDS [0].
> Matti Picus has done extensive work on the PyPy project and specifically
> cpyext, their C compatibility layer that allows PyPy to run NumPy.  In
> the course of this work, Matti has also been contributing to NumPy
> itself.  He will officially start on Monday.
> Tyler Reddy joins us from Los Alamos National Lab for a two year
> sabbatical.  Tyler has been working mainly on SciPy, and will start at
> BIDS late in June.
> We are very excited about this opportunity to develop NumPy further,
> together with the NumPy community, and look forward to making in-person
> introductions at SciPy2018 in July.
It begins ... :) Congratulations and welcome to Matti and Tyler.  I expect
the first couple of days will be spent dealing with organizational details.
What is first on the agenda after that?

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