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> On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 12:08 AM, Stefan van der Walt <stef...@berkeley.edu>
> wrote:
> > We are very excited about this opportunity to develop NumPy further,
> > together with the NumPy community, and look forward to making in-person
> > introductions at SciPy2018 in July.
> >
> It begins ... :) Congratulations and welcome to Matti and Tyler.  I expect
> the first couple of days will be spent dealing with organizational details.
> What is first on the agenda after that?

On a high level, we have the following focuses:

- To support the community by providing developer time to do code review,
  triage issues, fix bugs, help with releases, implement infrastructure
  (e.g., improve benchmarking, inter-package testing, project
  analytics), etc.

  The first work done will be mainly in this category.

- To solve medium- and large-scale issues through the design and
  implementation of community-approved NEPs.  This might include items
  such as duck arrays, parameterized dtypes, and missing value support.

- To provide logistical (and some financial) support for the
  organization of NumPy developer meetings, coding sprints, sabbaticals,
  technical talks, and similar community-building activities.

  We started with the recent NEP writing sprint; this is to be followed
  by an Airspeed Velocity sprint with Mike Droettboom at BIDS around
  mid-June, and a NumPy developer meeting at SciPy2018 on July 14–15.

We would love community input on identifying the best areas & issues to
pay attention to, and I invite developers who want to meet with the team
at Berkeley to contact me.

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