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> > NumPy is a NumFocus fiscally sponsored project, perhaps they can help
> with the costs of different/better hosting.
> Enthought already provides hosting and operations support (thanks!) –
> the problem is that it doesn't make sense to have a full-time ops
> person just for numpy, but if we're taking a tiny slice of someone's
> time then occasional outages are going to happen.

The key issue is this specific case is that the entire system was totally
undocumented. If it had been, the outage would have lasted much less than
an hour!

The advantage of something like github pages is that it's big enough
> that it *does* have dedicated ops support.

Agreed. One issue is that we are working with a lot of legacy. Github will
more than likely be a great solution to host static web pages but the
evaluation for the shift needs to get into all the funky legacy
redirects/rewrites we have in place, etc. This is probably not a real issue
for docs.scipy.org but would be for other services.

> As long as we can fit under the 1 gig size limit then GH pages seems
> like the best option so far... it's reliable, widely understood, and
> all of the limits besides the 1 gig size are soft limits where they
> say they'll work with us to figure things out.

Another option would be to just host the content under S3 with Cloudfront.
It will also be pretty simple as a setup, scale nicely and won't have much
restrictions on sizing.

-- Didrik
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