Hi Charles,

     Sorry, zipped this time.  I honestly don't know.  From what I can tell the 
driver just stops.  The process is still running according to ps aux when this 
happens, but returns

"Oct 13 00:16:32 golgotha upsmon[1309]: Poll UPS [nailbunny@localhost] failed - 
Data stale" until I stop and start the service.  If I try to restart, it 
connects and fails right after.  I was hoping the debug would have some more 
details, but there was nothing.  The debug output stopped.  After that my 
syslog was full of the entries attached in "NUT syslog".

This continued until I restarted the service.

Syslog attached. Will attach stop/start in a separate email due to size 
limitations.  Thanks!

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On Oct 12, 2016, at 8:13 PM, Daniel Shields <grungeliza...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Wow.  Okay, well I let the debug run all day.  Nothing in the logs even with 
> debug cranked to level 5.  Attached are the last 1000 lines before it quit.  
> I'm really stumped now.

gzipped and resent for the rest of the list.

Can you elaborate on how it quit? I don't see any error messages to that effect.

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