Thanks, Angus...I find this discussion very interesting. I agree about the
"trap" qualities of Bryant Park, though I do hope that many of the birds
eventually move on. (A pair of park workers once told me that they call in
animal rehab often for disoriented Woodcocks, so at least those birds

The gender disparity in Yellowthroats intrigues me as well. I've been
trying to check the park about once a week since last fall, and there have
been Yellowthroats there nearly every visit aside from deep winter. And
virtually every time there have been more males than females. That amazing
day last month (with the Mourning Warbler on the lawn of Madison Square
Park), when I saw 16 Yellowthroats on the lawn at Bryant Park, 10 of them
were male...and that was actually a lower ratio than usual, though obv a
larger sample size. (And speaking of Madison Sq. Park...the male/female
Yellowthroat ratio has been similarly skewed when I've searched there...a
small-park thing?) Thanks again--Joe


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