This is an old problem, but never solved. See OAK-1150.


On 17/10/16 16:08, "Chetan Mehrotra" <chetan.mehro...@gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi Team,
>While doing some benchmarks I realized that default setup is
>configured to index *all* nodetypes. In InitialContent the nodetype
>index is configured like
>NodeBuilder nodetype = IndexUtils.createIndexDefinition(index,
>"nodetype", true, false,
>                    ImmutableList.of(JCR_PRIMARYTYPE, JCR_MIXINTYPES),
>null /*declaringNodeTypeNames*/);
>As last param declaringNodeTypeNames is null all nodetypes gets indexed
>Is that intentional for default setup? I see its the way since very
>beginning but just wanted to check if we should revisit this
>Chetan Mehrotra

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