Hi Marco

It depends a bit on how you originally setup the 'ownership' in the first
- if you have granted permissions to userA _on_ that very node, you can
simply remove the entries and create new ones for the new owner.
- if you have granted permissions to userA on a _parent_ node you can
either fix the entries at the parent or add a denying entry at the target.
- if permissions are inherited from other principals (e.g. through group
membership) you can either 'fix' the set of principals that is add to the
Subject upon login (e.g. through changes of group membership) or again
through an explicit deny.
Which variant (and there might be some more) is the best one, depends on
your requirements.
Also note that for modification of the permission setup your session not
only requires regular write privileges but read/modify access control

See the Oak documentation for additional details in particular
You may also want to take a look at the oak-exercise module which comes
with quite some training material for the default authorisation model.

Hope that helps

On 13/02/18 18:36, "Marco Piovesana" <pioves...@esteco.com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>is it possible to change the owner of a node? What I'm trying to do is
>a node created by userA from its original folder to another place. After
>the node is moved I want to revoke all permission to userA on that node.

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