And, I had also replied to your reply to Erika, yet
you have chosen to ignore and continue to present a
one-sided view with your re-paste below.  Your
"clearing of the air" instead has put up smoke.

You have yet to state what you think is wrong with
Celia's TT data.  Merely stating "errors" with no
indication of what you deem to be errors is an attempt
to mislead and discredit.

As I have also indicated before, your view of what was
a resignation was not without other surrounding
issues, and now with Celia's reply, it is for all to
see that the board clearly put a volunteer member into
such an unpleasant position, working under such
unreasonable and unrealistic circumstances, that you
have lost internal support from an extremely helpful
and knowledgeable volunteer - the board is the less
for it.

And, Celia did not resign from the TT keeping
position, where she shows that she continues to be
actively involved in an area that does interest her,
offering her services for this desired function, and
for which she gets many supportive comments.

However, resignation or not, never means that a person
can't choose to re-enter a past position, nor does it
mean that such a person can't be invited to return to
a past position.  Continuing to flog this
"resignation" for your convenience is not serving the

The information on the official website is not only
inaccurate, it is slow.  You are wrong, and it is
rather easy to demonstrate, as Celia has already

You are reminded that regardless of your attitude
toward Celia, toward the information she is providing,
or toward your interpretation of control and
responsibilities over the volunteers within the club
- the board is to represent the requirements of the
club membership which elect their representatives
- the membership, however wrong you think the _many_
are, have indicated their wishes for a link to Celia's
sites (as she has provided the addresses below) on a
website that is for the service and needs of the
- the OBC website is not owned by the board
- for any functionality that you feel is desired,
Celia is very capable and willing, as she has proven
multiple times, of adding to her website
- the board is not a dictatorship in the 2 year
interim between elections
- your attitudes and opinions surrounding a link to
Celia's site are not attitudes and opinions that are
the saving grace of the OBC.  The OBC existed long
before your ideas came along, with supporting websites
and information, and the OBC will also continue to
exist long after, even if these attitudes and opinions
were to be dropped today.  So, you needn't think you
are doing the membership any favours with your

Petition ...

As you know, a petition has been raised because of the
board's stubborn position regarding information
requested by the interested members in the OBC.  This
position is asking for a link as Jackie MacDonald and
many others have requested, and does not exclude the
board from continuing to try to re-develop a site from
scratch, we're simply asking for a link to an
alternate view of TT data.  As I have pointed out too
many times before, but obviously needs repeating: one
does not take away existing functionality and replace
with a work-under-development.  No business would
tolerate such behaviour.

But, more than this, the board has taken on an
activity for which they were not asked or required to
do by the membership.  Where was this attitude in any
election platform?  The membership didn't have an
issue or concern before, and still do not with Celia's
sites.  The board is responsible for their own
difficult existence because of their stance.

The board is spending time and resources on activities
for which there are far better things to do.  Just
think what great things could be accomplished, if the
board spent half as much time and energy as they do
tackling this matter, on some more useful persuit. 
Anyone up for brainstorming of ideas for the board to
spend an obvious over-abundance of energy?

Please continue to let me know if you would like to
sign the petition to have the board provide a link to
Celia's website.


--- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Avery - Some errors in your note.
> First of all - there are still missing (BAR, result
> pages for each series,
> etc.) and broken things (seed sheets not correct for
> each series, failure to
> accomodate different distances ridden in WTT
> Invitational, wrecked up team
> names, etc.) on the official site. The  only sites
> which currently have the
> correct material are
> http://www3.sympatico.ca/celia.mcinnis/tt/2002/  for
> the
> open series and 
> for the Women's series. And the season is pretty
> much done by now...
> Also - the official link to last years results is
> WRONG. The correct link is
> http://www.geocities.com/ottawabicycleclub/ . Please
> ensure that this is
> corrected. I am asking this as the person who was
> the official time trial web
> keeper last year, and the  year before, and the year
> before, ...
> You can't possibly have expected me to take your
> "offer" sent to me on Aug 19
> 2002 21:21 seriously! It was extremely insulting and
> showed absolutely no just
> consideration for one such as myself who had donated
> more than 1000 hours of
> time to the club over the last few years! Rod was
> certainly more pleasant, but
> equally non-negotiable.
> I NEVER "categorically refused (in writing)" to put
> TT results on the obc site
> - I merely stated to Rod (in writing) my current
> PREFERENCE for keeping them
> on my personal space and having the obcweb link to
> them. I gave good reasons
> for this preference, and in fact stated to Rod that
> if I found the board to be
> more reasonable in the near future than it had been
> in the previous half year,
> I could certainly change my preference. Most of us
> negotiate on the way to an
> agreement...
> Also, I NEVER resigned as TT webmaster - This was a
> job which I have enjoyed
> doing for the previous 5 seasons. The TT webmaster
> job was always independent
> of the obc webmaster job until I, as the TT
> webmaster, was asked to ALSO serve
> as the obc webmaster.
> In actual fact, I did NOT even resign as obc
> webmaster - There was a reading
> comprehension problem of the board members. ("I FEEL
> that I have no choice but
> to ...." (written in frustration with Rod's refusal
> to modify his web plans in
> the light of my well-grounded technical concerns and
> corrective input - and we
> can all see the problems which resulted on the
> current obcweb from this
> failure to deal with such concerns!) is many steps
> shy of an affirmation...).
> Sorry, but I just don't think that dictatorships
> work - and most especially
> not amongst volunteers! I'm an intelligent,
> hard-working, productive
> individual, a keen cyclist, and, yes, "unofficially"
> of course, an anarchist!
> Celia
> P.S.: As Bakunin said "An Anarchist is one who
> neither oppresses nor will be
> oppressed".
> Avery Burdett wrote:
> > Hi Jackie,
> >
> > Sorry I haven't replied sooner, although I did
> post a general message in
> > reply to a similar plea by Erika Revesz. (copy
> below)
> >
> > Jackie MacDonald wrote:
> > > I don't understand the problem re. putting the
> TT results on the OBC
> > > website. Surely there should at least be a link
> to Celia's site. She
> > > does a superb job at getting out the results
> quickly and presenting them
> > > in a grand variety of formats. I would like to
> express my appreciation
> > > of the great contribution she is making. The
> time trials are an
> > > important part of the club program and the
> results should be available
> > > on or through the club website.
> > > Jackie MacDonald
> > >
> > The results are on the OBC website at:
> >
> >      http/www.cyberus.ca/~obcweb/open_tt.shtml
> >
> > Celia was asked to help us put the results on the
> OBC website but
> > categorically refused (in writing).
> >
> > When Celia voluntarily resigned at the beginning
> of 2002, Rod Plunkett
> > and his brother Randy had to build a new set of TT
> procedures and pages.
> > This has been a work in progress and there are a
> lot more enhancements
> > to come but it is now beginning to provide
> functions not available on
> > the old system.
> >
> > The information on the official club site is up to
> date and accurate
> > Celia's is not. This is nothing personal against
> Celia. It's just that
> > these are the facts the Board has had to deal
> with.
> >
> > Hope this helps to clear the air.
> >
> > Avery
> >
> > ps Some time ago you enquired about my experiences
> in Spain. I have
> > since put up a private web site for people who
> have enquired.
> >
> > It's at: http://www.magma.ca/~ocbc/private.html
> >
> > My post to OBC List Aug 21, 2002:
> >
> > >>I've been very reluctant to get involved in this
> because this forum is
> > >>not the place to discuss such disputes, but you
> Erika, like others, are
> > >>misinformed.
> >
> > Celia wasn't displaced as webmaster, she resigned
> long ago. A new
> > webmaster was appointed, long ago. Celia has had
> the opportunity to
> > assist us in putting up official TT results but
> has been unable to
> > accept the "rules" of participation. Even this
> week, Celia once again
> > rejected any authority the Board would have over
> work she might do on
> > the club's behalf.
> >
> > There'll be no link to the site or endorsement of
> it. The information on
> > the site is inaccurate and to make it accurate
> means more work for the
> > club. Current efforts to update the official site
> are made more
> > difficult by Celia's unauthorized interception of
> results data. There
> > are other factors which I'm not prepared to air
> here. The Board has
> > discussed this issue to death. The team has moved
> on to doing other
> > tasks.
> >
> > I suggest any further reasonable comments or
> questions be addressed
> > privately to Board members.>>
> >
> > Erika Revesz wrote:
> >
> > >>I do not understand why Celia was displaced as
> webmaster. She is a
> > top programmer and one of the best mathematician
> in her company, where
> > she routinely solves programming problems that her
> colleagues can't. As
> > an indication of her abilities she was selected to
> participate at the
> > Institute of Advanced Computer studies in the USA.
> She certainly knows
> > her stuff, I would be quite happy to have her
> expertise available to me.
> >
> > She usually posts the OBC TT results as soon as
> she arrives home from
=== message truncated ===

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