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> I am trying to change the behavior of a library by subclassing one of the
> files, but am finding this is not working because I can't access (change) one
> of the internal instance variables. ... Is there a way I can get access to 
> the _wut ivar in the base class

Note please that this kind of design is conceptually wrong and extremely 
error-prone, as Manoah did point out: *never* do this, unless *very* necessary 
and no cleaner way out.

If indeed *extremely* necessary, and if you *really* have no cleaner way out, 
you can do that, exploiting ObjC runtime, essentially like this:

43 /tmp> <q.m                                         
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <objc/runtime.h>

@interface Foo:NSObject

@interface Bar:Foo // could be a category just as well, etc.

int main(int ac,char **av) {
 id foo=[Bar new]; // if we used a category, subclass would not be needed
 [foo dirtyHackSetFooDirectly:666];
 [foo showFoo];
 return 0;

@implementation Foo {
  NSInteger _foo;
-(void)setFoo:(NSInteger)foo {
  NSLog(@"unwanted side-effect");
-(void)showFoo {
  NSLog(@"foo is %ld",(long)_foo);

@implementation Bar
-(void)dirtyHackSetFooDirectly:(NSInteger)foo {
44 /tmp> cc -Wall -framework Foundation q.m && ./a.out
2016-10-16 17:53:21.363 a.out[57747:707] foo is 666
45 /tmp> 

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