ke, 2009-12-02 kello 05:11 +0100, ext Denis Kenzior kirjoitti:
> > But in oFono didn't match above:
> > For UCS2 is (255 * 66), default alphabet is (253* 153)
> oFono uses 16 bit sequence by default, so at least in the case of UCS2 it is 
> correct.

I think we should default to 8bit reference numbers, or at least make
this configurable. I've not seen 16bit ref numbers used much in the

Same applies to other "dangerous" encoding features, like language
variants. There should probably be a configuration option, or env
variable for distributors to easily enable/disable these as need be.

BTW, in smsutil.h, struct sms_assembly_node has guint8 ref, which in
sms_assembly_add_fragment() gets assigned a value from guint16.


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