Hi Aki,

> ke, 2009-12-02 kello 05:11 +0100, ext Denis Kenzior kirjoitti:
> > > But in oFono didn't match above:
> > > For UCS2 is (255 * 66), default alphabet is (253* 153)
> >
> > oFono uses 16 bit sequence by default, so at least in the case of UCS2 it
> > is correct.
> I think we should default to 8bit reference numbers, or at least make
> this configurable. I've not seen 16bit ref numbers used much in the
> wild.

3GPP 23.040 does advertise 16 bit reference headers as 'safer.'  This is why I 
picked it as a default.  It should be trivial to use 8 bit headers if so 

> Same applies to other "dangerous" encoding features, like language
> variants. There should probably be a configuration option, or env
> variable for distributors to easily enable/disable these as need be.

We only use language variants for decoding, not encoding.  However, I do agree 
that we should have a global settings file for customizing some of these 

> BTW, in smsutil.h, struct sms_assembly_node has guint8 ref, which in
> sms_assembly_add_fragment() gets assigned a value from guint16.

Yes good catch.  Fixed upstream now.

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