On 8/14/19 3:00 PM, Jonas Bonn wrote:
Well, the log _seemed_ to indicate that connman does an NTP request to a server that isn't available and thereby decides to take the link down...

NTP lookup failures won't trigger a disconnect. As long oFono or the kernel via RNTL changes the state ConnMan doesn't change the routing.

off the top of my head I can't say whether that's something connman actually does so hopefully somebody else will jump in here.  Did ofono indicate the context as still established after that?

Mabye checking what monitor-ofono shows.

Seeing the issue with complete logs would be useful.  I thought your previous logs indicated connman trying to deactivate the context when it took the link down, but the ofono logs didn't show any of that... what's going on there?

Yes, that is a good question. If oFono doesn't tell ConnMan anything, then ConnMan reacts to a state change of the device.

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