I've now completed my build of oi-userland on SPARC hardware, at least
to the extent that was possible with oi_151a8 .  Yes, the latest OI
SPARC ISO is version oi_151a8 .  This is a major obstacle to Hipster
development on the SPARC platform.

I propose, first of all, to create a Hipster ISO.  It won't be
current, but it will be a much better base for further development.
With this as a base, I and other developers will be able to build many
more oi-userland packages.

I also propose to create a SPARC package repository to go along with
the ISO.  Any SPARC developer will be able to contribute to this
repository.  I haven't built illumos-gate, but perhaps other
developers have already done this, and can contribute packages.  If
not, I can do it.

We need a few facilities to proceed with this plan.  One is a set of
instructions for creating ISOs, particularly the text ISO, along with
a list of packages to be included.

We also need a repository for SPARC packages, with a mechanism to
permit any SPARC developer to upload packages to this repository.

Finally, we need storage for a few ISO files.

The ultimate goal, of course, is an automatic procedure for building
SPARC packages from the same code base as the current x86 packages.

-Gary Mills-            -refurb-                -Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada-

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