Hi Gary,

I will keep this short as I will be repeating what disccused the last time. I 
am not very happy about this because it evolved exactly like I thought it 
would. More message are inline.

> On 21 Jun 2017, at 23:30, Gary Mills <gary_mi...@fastmail.fm> wrote:
> I've now completed my build of oi-userland on SPARC hardware, at least
> to the extent that was possible with oi_151a8 .  Yes, the latest OI
> SPARC ISO is version oi_151a8 .  This is a major obstacle to Hipster
> development on the SPARC platform.

Great job! However, how does it help if there are no up-to-date SPARC illumos 
bits available? The plan was to get minimal illumos up and running, so we could 
self-host Jenkins on SPARC. What happened with this? Instead of SPARC people 
working together, we get multiple SPARC initiatives with no major milestone 
achieved anywhere.

> I propose, first of all, to create a Hipster ISO.  It won't be
> current, but it will be a much better base for further development.
> With this as a base, I and other developers will be able to build many
> more oi-userland packages.

You can build the ISO yourself and share it. I will be able to host undet 
contrib/ section on DLC and mirror it worldwide.

> I also propose to create a SPARC package repository to go along with
> the ISO.  Any SPARC developer will be able to contribute to this
> repository.  I haven't built illumos-gate, but perhaps other
> developers have already done this, and can contribute packages.  If
> not, I can do it.

With no build host, no build platform we are not able to self-host SPARC 
Jenkins and cannot do builds. Setting up a repository and blindly accepting 
built packages from people is not a very good approach from security point of 
view and I wouldn't recommend it. With the current setup, we are getting 
reviews from people and are able to spot potentionaly suspicious things at 

> We need a few facilities to proceed with this plan.  One is a set of
> instructions for creating ISOs, particularly the text ISO, along with
> a list of packages to be included.

Distribution constructor files for hipster are available at 
https://hipster.openindiana.org/distro_const/, how to build ISOs can be found 
on the wiki.

> We also need a repository for SPARC packages, with a mechanism to
> permit any SPARC developer to upload packages to this repository.

> Finally, we need storage for a few ISO files.
> The ultimate goal, of course, is an automatic procedure for building
> SPARC packages from the same code base as the current x86 packages.

Why not provide with the illlumos SPARC first and then go for oi-userland? We 
tried to put you, SPARC guys, in touch and create a joint effort for SPARC 
version of OpenIndiana, so we could release a reasonsble and instead we got 
fragmentation again. I don't think a lot can be achieved without SPARC build 
host, build platform and people willing to maintain SPARC version.

Please, don't take it badly, but I think we should follow one common cause if 
we want this project to stay alive, healthy and somewhat relevant. We have 
limited resources and we shall do better coordination. After all, fragmentation 
doesn't help anyone.


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