What about some SPARC Desktop driver "specialities" which sometimes do require 
a developer to have real bare ,etal testing hardware (covering as many as 
possible workstation, server and telco models ever manufatured by 
Sun/Oracle/Fujitsu, such as in case of the Blade100/150 which needed a fix)?
What about the Desktop and hence Xorg (almost no frame buffers supported) 
versus openXsun (all supported, with closed but redistributable binary drivers, 
credits to Alan Coopersmith's 2010 extra efforts)?
What about how the make openXsun work AT ALL (After what was done to me by this 
"community" in August 2016 [as documented at   
http://opensxce.org/how2use_Sun-11.x_xhci_on_OpenSolaris/ ] I certainly won't 
publish my 2012 openXsun and caiman ports - especially not if having to deal 
with people who say they can do it allllll by themselves without at least 
having the slightest clue whatsoever).
And whose primary concern appears to be before all else to never and under no 
conditions mention good old SPARC-OpenSXCE or me by name.

What a joke.
Who wants to buy my last SPARC-gear (and by doing so support me at least now, 
after it is too late) do so here:  
I also still have U1, U2, U5, U10, U30, U60, U80 - ask me if you want them 
almost for free.

Sorry, but in the manner in which you started this "proposal" - honestly - 
which motivation should I have to "join you" (if it is not in reality you who 
joined me) ?

Once again thank you for having used OpenSXCE in 2013/2014 and for your 2 

If it is really only about compiling OS/Net a bit I have to wonder, why the 
OpenSolaris Bible (thankfully!) devoted an entire chapter to me and MartUX (as 
OpenSXCE was still called by then, in 2008).


Ah, btw, OpenSXCE.org is now ZFS based  http://zfsonlinux.org/ via a modern 
UNIX kernel running on modern hardware:  linux-4.11-rc8' on Intel/AMD x86_64.
The core club already has our internal vSphere disk images, because we had to 
pause working on the Anaconda port due to having too little spare time. But as 
soon as the installer is ready (over the summer) we will publish everything on 
https://github.com/OpenSXCE-org and as test isos on opensxce.org .

Good luck to your SPARC proposal. I'm afraid it comes about 2 deacdes too late 
(should have come even 5 years before it was possible @20050614).
When I started MartUX in April of 2006 folks were already telling me this (!)
Now we have 2017. And that's not only true now for SPARC, but as most know 
equally as much for all of Ill-u-most (ZFS runs fine on BSD*. LinUX and MacOS 
and licensing incompatibilities can easily be woked around by compiling the ZFS 
stack on the user's computer during installation if the Ubuntu approach is too 
hot for somebody's taste).

Nevertheless: To the real OI/Hipster x64 crew (and to those people *only*) my 
honest best wishes.
I thank the Ill-u-most freaks for having shown their true colors last August.

This improved my little family's life by magnitudes - because it set me FREE!

>Суббота, 24 июня 2017, 19:47 UTC от Gary Mills < gary_mi...@fastmail.fm >:
>On Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 07:06:16PM +0200, Adam Števko wrote:
>Isn't illumos just part of an operating system?  We, the SPARC
>developers, can each build illumos-gate.  Some of us have already done
>that.  That's the easy part.  But, we also need some oi-userland
>packages to make a complete operating system, even just for the text
>ISO.  That build takes me several months.  Fortunately, we each can
>build and contribute oi-userland packages.  I'd call that cooperation.
>I don't know of any other way to have a joint effort.
>-Gary Mills-           -refurb-                -Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada-

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