On 24.10.2017 20:56, Aurélien Larcher wrote:
On Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 7:47 PM, Alexander Pyhalov <a...@rsu.ru> wrote:

On 24.10.2017 02:24, Aurélien Larcher wrote:

you can try a build of Xorg 1.19.5 at:


I tested it on Intel HD Graphics 2000 and 4000.
Let me know if you have any issue.

Can you also publish updated nvidia driver there?

340.104 is in the repository now.

Tested and merged.
Now we need to find out
a) why dtlogin pipe creation fails - was error silently ignored earlier? Who should have removed it? Perhaps, we could just ditch all dtlogin related code from our version of xorg?

b) why Xorg searches for protocols.txt in such strange place? Did we miss some files?

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