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On Tue, 24 Oct 2017, Alexander Pyhalov wrote:

Can you also publish updated nvidia driver there?

  So I haven't tried it with the OI distro, but Nvidia has the most
recent version of these drivers which (in theory) work with S10 and
later.  For OI, they will probably need the gfx_private provided with
the driver.

  I have used their public drivers with Oracle Solaris and expect at
some time to try them against OI, but folks might choose to try them
(custom install only, as the install script provided probably won't do
the right thing).

Hi, Randy.
For now OI uses their drivers from NVidia site, and currently we ship 340.104
driver. It and earlier drivers from this branch work rather fine,
but sometimes (like once per several month here) segfaults ;)
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