I must dispute the assertion that Hipster 2017.10 is ready.

I have a failing hard drive on my Internet access system running oi151_a8.  I 
have installed a new hard drive, partitioned it with gparted and booted the DVD 
image.  I have been running OI on this box since 148.

1) at the live desktop I cannot run either installer nor can I open a terminal 
window. All I get is a nice popup "i/o error" dialog.

2) when I try to boot from the DVD in single user mode it demands a user name 
and password, but does not accept "jack/jack" or "root/root". If you need to 
come up in single user mode from a DVD this is *really* annoying.  There is no 
security if you have physical control of the machine playing games with the 
person booting from the DVD is pointless.

3) I can find NO alternative ISOs!

4) The DVD boot menu does not have an install option.  WTF?

This *used* to be SunOS where things worked properly and you were not forced 
into using the very latest version if you didn't want it.

I fully appreciate that there is only a small group doing most of the work.  
But this is almost enough to make me give up and just run Windows for my 
Internet access.

On Tue, 10/31/17, Alexander Pyhalov <a...@rsu.ru> wrote:

 Subject: [oi-dev] OI Hipster 2017.10 snapshot
 To: "OpenIndiana Developer mailing list" <oi-dev@openindiana.org>
 Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 5:55 AM
 OI Hipster 2017.10 snapshot is ready.
 SHA 256 checksums are available at
 Detached signatures for images are
 available at ${link}.sig
 The OpenIndiana Release Engineering key
 has key id 0x3a021afadbe31887 ( 
 Release notes: http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/2017.04+Release+notes
 Best regards,
 Alexander Pyhalov,
 system administrator of Southern
 Federal University IT department
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