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  > Actually, I do not know, whether there is an API that allows to force Mac 
OS to create such list in the Dock menu, but if an app implements "Window" menu 
(systemMenu="window" in the menu xib file), then this list is generated 
  It's been too long since I did native Mac GUI app development from scratch, 
so I'll take your word for this =)
  > Do you happen to know whether it would be possible to do from Qt?
  Qt4 apps used to create a temporary NIB file in $TMPDIR and load that. I 
cannot recall having seen something similar in Qt5 and cannot find any evidence 
of it in the code. But just as with Info.plists there might be a way to create 
the information normally read from a nib/xib file purely in memory.
  >   Shall I consider this as a feature request? I personally do not use it.
  This is not something that should be implemented in individual applications. 
I was planning to ask on the Qt ML about implementing such a feature. If Qt 
doesn't have anything suitable for tracking window creation a logical place 
would be KWindowSystem (which already has some code for tracking window 
creation), and maybe the management of the Windows menu could be implemented in 
a platform integration plugin.
  I do see there's a Qt systemMenu() equivalent for QMdiSubWindows.
  >   They are sorted for Cocoa apps.
  Interesting. I'm pretty certain that entries in the Windows menu are ordered 
chronologically, at least in those applications where they get a shortcut. 
(I've never checked if that's always the case.).

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