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  In D10797#241432 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D10797#241432>, @simgunz wrote:
  > What is the best way to implement this? Given the call to i18n I guess I 
cannot just append a suffix to ret.
  >  Should I do for each annotation type something like:
  >   bool hasComment = !ann->contents().isEmpty();
  >   ret =  hasComment ? i18n( "Highlight with Comment" ) : i18n( "Highlight 
Note" );
  Yeah, that's it. Make the bool const for extra points :)
  > I guess I do not need to add "with Comment" to Pop-up note and Inline note 
given that they always have a comment.
  Pop-up note can have empty contents, but i guess since contents it's its main 
focus we can leave it out?

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