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  In D10797#241886 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D10797#241886>, @simgunz wrote:
  > My doubt is: when you want to review a "review" what do you do exactly (I 
never did it). You download a patch and apply it manually to your code 
(probably arc does this with some command)?
  Anyone wanting to review or simply try out a patch usually just issues `arc 
patch D10797`. This will make sure the repo is up-to-date to be able to find 
the commit you attached your revision to, create a new local branch named 
`arcpatch-D10797`, download all dependent revisions and finally apply the 
patch. In case the author updates the patch, the reviewer will re-issue `arc 
patch`, get a new branch called `arcpatch-D10797_1` and so on. Note that on 
these branches there is only a single squashed commit per Diff, i.e. (at least 
currently, might change in the future) what you see in Revision Contents > 
Commits is only visible on Phab.
  To investigate what the author changed, you could compare both local 
branches, but I guess most people just just the options for comparing revisions 
under Revision Contents > History.
  > If I overwrite some commits, as I did today, does it create any problem to 
the reviewer that already "pulled" from arc the review once? (in git this will 
create diverging branches between local and remote) Or does arc redownload the 
diff completely each time, so avoiding problems?
  Phabricator remembers all Diffs you uploaded. `arc patch` will simply 
re-download the complete patch, using the latest revision unless you specify an 
older revision.
  > This was not my fear, but I feared to mess up things to the reviewer that 
already "pulled" the review before.
  Nothing to fear. If it looks good in the Diff viewer on Phabricator, it will 
look good for your reviewer.
  > It was complaining about the fact that the commit with the revert did not 
contain a valid "Differential Revision" ID
  Ah, my comment might have been misleading. This line will only get added once 
you do `arc patch` or `arc amend`. However, you won't need to issue those 
commands or even add the line manually, because Arcanist will do it for you 
once you `arc land`.
  There is a second way `arc diff` can recognize the revision, which works by 
comparing your local commit sha with what has been recorded on Phabricator 
(IIRC – if not, `arc which` will tell you the real reason). If you change 
things in such a way that the commit sha on your local branch changed (which 
should not happen if you just add a reverting commit), then you'd have to 
manually provide the revision ID.
  > I'll also have a look at  T7116 <https://phabricator.kde.org/T7116> and 
maybe I can give some feedback from a point of view of a newcomer.
  That would be appreciated ;) (Or just update the Wiki yourself.)

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