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@Dario: Thanks for the update. Good to hear you're no longer having the
problem. This also confirms my assumption that the problem is/was somewhere
during the print processing.

@Germano: Thanks for the additional info. That new 'error_log' does actually
contain the required information and I think I can somewhat reproduce the issue
in a Fedora 27 VM now. (not using a real printer and just running part of the
CUPS filters and using an external tool to view the generated file, but the
result looks like it should be what you described).

Can you confirm that attachment 111896 resembles the output you get on your
real printer?

(In reply to Germano Massullo from comment #21)
> Created attachment 111870 [details]
> error_log
> I changed the 'ErrorLog' directive in '/etc/cups/cups-files.conf' to 
> 'ErrorLog/var/log /cups/error_log'

Thanks, this helps!

(In reply to Germano Massullo from comment #22)
> > 
> > Is there any file '/etc/cups/lpoptions' or '$HOME/.cups/lpoptions' present?
> Both yes

Can you please try to delete or temporarily rename those, print again and see
whether this resolves the issue?

In case the thing I can reproduce is actually representative for your problem
as well, the problem is related to the print options that are passed to CUPS in
your setup. I cannot reproduce with the options that are passed when I print
the document to my dummy printer in my Fedora VM.

> > 
> > What happens if you print the job file attached in comment 17 directly from
> > the command line using the command 'lp -d <YOURPRINTERNAME> d01250-001' from
> > a directory where this file is located? Is the output the same?
> lp: No such file or directory

Sorry if my instructions were not clear enough. This command would have to be
run from a directory where attachment 111855 was downloaded and extracted (I
guess you put the original file into a tar.gz archive and it was not like that
in the '/var/spool/cups/' directory).
Anyway, in case removing the two 'lpoptions' files resolves your problem, that
test is no longer needed in my eyes.

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