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--- Comment #26 from Michael Weghorn <> ---
(In reply to Germano Massullo from comment #25)
> Yes it has exactly the same cutted parts (upper and bottom side of the
> document)

Thanks for the confirmation.

> > (In reply to Germano Massullo from comment #22)
> # mv /etc/cups/lpoptions /etc/cups/lpoptions_OLD
> $ mv .cups/lpoptions .cups/lpoptions_OLD
> # systemctl restart cups
> then I printed the document and the margins were perfect.

So the problem actually is some print options that are set "outside the control
of Okular".

> To double check I runned
> # mv /etc/cups/lpoptions_OLD /etc/cups/lpoptions
> $ mv .cups/lpoptions_OLD .cups/lpoptions
> # systemctl restart cups
> and I printed again, **BUT** this time the margins were perfect too. I think
> this is very confusing. How could you explain the perfect margins even
> resuming old files?

That's really surprising. Does this mean that you can no longer reproduce the
original problem at all?
In the end, the print options that are/were effectively set did cause the
problem, so you might want to have a look at the CUPS error_log again and
compare the value of "argv[5]" (i.e. the options passed to CUPS for the print
job) to those that were set previously (where the problem occured) -- and then
look at what the two 'lpoptions' files contain and what options are no longer

In any case: Do you think we can close this bug report as "WORKSFORME" or
"UPSTREAM", since you don't seem to have the problem any longer and it seems to
have been caused by options set outside of Okular?

(We can still discuss on why the options are no longer set after renaming the
lpoptions files twice, regardless of whether the bug is open or not.)

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