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> I retitled this thread and put it on Cooker mailing list rather than
> personal e-mail hopefully to reduce confusion and get everything in one
> thread going forward. I have been CC-ing Colin on some things because I'm
> under the impression he has had difficulty getting e-mails through mailing
> lists.
> On 10/09/2016 06:08 PM, Raphaël Jadot wrote:
> Since Anurag migrated the ml, it has changed, big big wiki is updated, but
> apparently the new code doesn't work for Ben while it works for me :/
> I guess then there are 2 issues:
> 1. No one gets e-mails notifications from bugzilla through om-qa-alerts
> though this did at one time work and work well.
>     A. Regrettably this issue seems to have slowed down participation in
> solving bugs on our Bugzilla.
>     B. This or something also used to publish every new bug on
> #openmandriva-cooker IRC. A number of developers professed that this was
> very helpul. This disappearing also may         have lead to lack of
> participation in solving bugs. Especially timely participation.

As much as I'd like to get this resolved ASAP, I have no idea what's wrong.
This is mostly because of my lack of know-how on Bugzilla and Perl.

> 2. Me not being able to login to http://ml.openmandriva.org/mai
> lman/admin/om-qa-alerts_ml.openmandriva.org
>      A. This just inconveniences me and leaves us with one less person to
> do admin chores. As matters stand the real brains of the organization have
> access so no great loss. I really          would like to know how and why
> this has happened though??? I was kinda joking about being blacklisted. I
> think. =-O

Hmm, even I am not able to log into the admin interface on this ML using
our "usual" ML admin password (which is documented on Big Big Wiki).

@Raph, @JCL - Any clue?

At any rate, are you able to log into the newer om-qa-notifications ML?

> Don't know if they are/aren't related. When was the ML migrated? Was that
> at the time om-qa-alerts stopped working?  As I *recall* though both issues
> started about the same time. Was this around the time when our bugzilla
> version was updated? Did both migration and bugzilla update happen around
> the same time frame?

I am not sure when the Bugzilla update took place, but ML migration
happened between late Dec 15 and early Jan 16.

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