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I should be clear: the build requirements here are ***only if you try to build 
a git clone***.

If you're building from an Open MPI distribution tarball, the man pages will be 
pre-built and included in the tarball -- no pandoc is needed (just like we do 
with GNU Flex, GNU Autotools, ... etc.).

So I should re-phrase my question: do you ever have the need to build Open MPI 
from a git clone?  And if so, would having pandoc available -- like Flex / 
Autotools -- be a problem?

Didn't hear back from any of you on this -- just want to make sure you saw it:

- Pandoc is only required ***if you build Open MPI master (i.e., >=v5.0.x) from 
a git clone***
- If you're building a tarball from www.open-mpi.org<http://www.open-mpi.org>, 
the man pages are pre-built and are included in the tarball (i.e., no Pandoc 
- This is pretty much the same situation as with the GNU Autotools and Flex.

Jeff Squyres

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