My understanding is that due to project complexity (indeed it' huge), Vagrant 
has been introduced because it provides portable virtual software development 
I have seen similar situation earlier in another project I was involved into.

My understanding is that simplification of project focusing on Maven modules, 
dependencies and Docker images may lead to such situation that Vagrant is not 
Of course it's ideal situation and I was asking only if such option has been 
taken into consideration ??

Referring to pom files I was thinking of simplifying dependency management in 
SDC project.
For example scope <scope>compile</scope> is default in Maven and does not have 
to be added to dependency declaration - Maven resolves it with no problem.
It means that lines <scope>compile</scope> in pom files may be removed.


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Can you elaborate more your approach to stop using vagrant? we used vagrant as 
supporting tool for ensuring that the scripts work in a base distro (or minimal 
dependencies) besides its capability to recreate everything automatically. 
Regarding the attempt to optimize Maven files, AFAIK that is done by OParent 
project [1]

Victor Morales

[1] https://git.onap.org/oparent/

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Have you thought about stop using Vagrant and focus only on pure Docker images?
I think such approach could simplify few things - no setting env variables, 
coping configuration files.

Has there also been an attempt to optimize Maven files?
I can see that optimization of content can be easily achieved with no big 
Expected outcome would be:
- thin pom files

- better readability

- easier dependency management



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Hi Marcin,

Just one additional think about the vagrant provider, even when VirtualBox is 
the default one you can use Libvirt.  There is a script that installs it





Mirror of https://gerrit.onap.org/r/#/admin/projects/integration

The other alternative is to use the scripts in your own environment without 
having to install a Virtual Machine, I tried to explain that here


I don’t recommend it because the dependencies will be installed in your host 
machine and eventually those can be omitted or assumed, resulting in 
heterogonous development environments.


Victor Morales

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Subject: Re: [onap-discuss] SDC- local development - how to?


Thank you for suggestions.

Especially link: 

is very useful.
I can see that Vagrant is being used for local development with Virtual Box. 
Unfortunately, VirtaulBox is not a good option for running at machine hosting 
as OS Linux.

What I am still thinking of is something simpler.
I have JDK and Maven available at my machine (having Windows, Linux, Solaris, 
zOS, whatever) so that I am able to execute Maven's goals responsible for 
compilation, testing and packaging of SDC Maven modules.
Now I would like to run SDC locally in order to define PNF of VFN within SDC 

Lets assume I have Apache Tomcat/Jetty available.
I can see that modules:
a) sdc/catalog-be
b) sdc/catalog-fe
generate war modules that can be run on any Java web container, so I think they 
could be good starting points.

So would it be a good idea to focus on mentioned artifacts?
Also from Vagrant file I can see that elasticsearch & cassandra are also needed.



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You can find instructions here:


you can find all the info on SDC here:



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Hey Marcin,

We tried to collect most of the instructions (clone and compile, install 
dependencies, build docker images, etc.) into the vagrant-onap script [1].  
This is its documentation [2], but it’s not covering the configuration and 
installation of the IDE, I suggest to install it manually and use the opt 
folder given that it’s sharing the source code between host and guest computers.


Victor Morales



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Subject: [onap-discuss] SDC- local development - how to?


Is there any instruction how to setup SDC for development in any IDE?

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