Hello Seshu, Dan, Helen, Sarat,
and those are concerned on Representation and Identification of a cloud region 
in ONAP,

               The expanding to multiple clouds is a key metric for success of 
ONAP, and you might already be aware the fact that: With ONAP Amsterdam 
release, it is kind of tricky and error prone to onboard a new cloud region 
into ONAP for the end-to-end test cases.
I had learned that fact and got plenty help from this community during setting 
up a demo of using ONAP to orchestrate the Clearwater vIMS across 2 cloud 
regions. So I posted the workarounds on wiki: 
               At the same time, I had presented this issue and the short term 
workaround and long term solution to ONAP community during both VF2F meeting 
and ONAP Arch meeting.  I got suggestion from Chris Donley and Stephen that we 
need figure out if it is possible to fix that in Beijing release. So that is 
why I come to you and wondering if I can get your kindly support. The summary 
of issue and the solutions can be found at wiki: 

To highlight what the issue is and what the help is expected from your teams:
               1, There are multiple places to represent a single cloud region 
and inconsistent identification of a cloud region makes it is hard to onboard a 
new cloud region
               2, The short term workaround places another constraint on the 
"cloud-owner", while the long term solution impose the API changes between 
VID/SO/SDNC, and perhaps OOF as well.

Please let me know if you can add this as an agenda to your weekly meeting this 
week so that I can explain more the details and estimate the possibility to fix 
that in Beijing release.


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