Couple of things:

1.       Those heat templates look like the pre-Amsterdam version of ONAP, you 
should probably move to R1 (Amsterdam) version:;a=tree;f=heat/ONAP;h=64815cec035a3e9819699309375991f519e9f23e;hb=refs/heads/amsterdam

2.       If you are required to go through a proxy server to reach the 
internet, then you will have to make updates to the template to define 
http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables

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Do you VM's have access to the internet. Check the cloud-init logs and see if 
there were error messages trying to resolve and the like.

Most likely the VM's are blank becuase the vm_install and vm_init scipts cant 
reach the internet (or at least that is the most likely scenario).

Make sure public dns is on your external network.


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Subject: [onap-discuss] ONAP using heat templates

Hi All
I am trying to install ONAP using heat templates on Openstack Pike. I 
downloaded the template and environment file from the link<>
 . The stack is up and am able to access the VMs. But am not able to access the 
ONAP PORTAL. When I logged into the portal VM and ran "docker ps -a" I could 
see there is no docker installed. So I guess the installation might not have 
completed successfully and just empty VMs are created. Kindly let me know how 
to check the installation or let me know any other working heat templates.
Thanks & Regards,
Pavithra R

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