We started a new initiative to support K8S based edge-clouds and CaaS providers 
(R3+ in case of CaaS).

This is the page where you can find more information.


We will be happy to have more contributors for this project.  Let us know if 
you want to be a contributor.


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Hi Team,

I really appreciate the team efforts for bringing ONAP as one of the best 
orchestration tool for SDN and NFV.I just need to provide my thoughts and 
inputs further on NFV.Like Most of the VNF's applications are deployed under 
Virtual machines normally it take up a lot of system resources. Each VM runs 
not just a full copy of an operating system, but a virtual copy of all the 
hardware that the operating system needs to run. This quickly adds up to a lot 
of RAM and CPU's.To improve the NFV application performance ,microservices and 
VNF's can be deployed in containers which we can achieve  the continuous 
delivery of VNF critical applications.
This allows for each service upgradation and versioning separately as opposed 
to upgrading the entire VNF in a virtual machine. While upgrading a whole 
application or VNF, the container determines which individual services have 
changed and deploys only those specific services.We can use Kubernets for 
managing Containered VNF's and integrate SDN controller Opencontrail (Now it is 
called as tungsten Fabric opensource controller) for better networking 
,slicing,Isolation and improved security and we can use tosca yaml templates 
for Docker as well.Containers going to play huge role in futute NFV and 5G and  
we need to start look in to it for Container based VNF's developing and 
deployment with orchestration and closed loop automation as well.I am Just 
sharing my thoughts and inputs on this.Thank you !!!!!

Naresh Babu S
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