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At the old OOo project, we have had T-Shirts. There was existing many different versions of OOo shirts. Moastly they was payed, designed and distributed by one of the OOo related associations. Same Country have had also Fan Shirts wich are selled by OOo related NGO's. One T-Shirt was donated by SUN Microsystems. To have a T-Shirt is a nice thing, if you go to represent AOO at a Event. The old shirts are compleetly outdated. (the old dark blue logo and a logo from a company who is no longer existent) I realy like to have a new Shirt. Samething like a Committer Shirt, what you think about?

But there are different problems. Since we have not our own monay at Apache, it's hard to solve the payment question. As far as I know, it's not allowd to put a sponsor on the shirt. I think you hit Traidmarke Issues from the ASF with it. And a Shirt will cost money. Maybe we can offer the Sponsor a Blog Post.

The other topic is to distribute the Shirt all over the world. I realy like the Idea, but I'm simply on the wrong place to do samething like that. Switzerland is one of the moast expensive country in the world. Yes, I can do it from here, but finaly, it costs a load more then from a other country.

I would realy like to have one for the ApacheCon Europe

What do you think about?

Greetings Raphael

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