I think, from the standpoint of AOO community, being an Apache committer is 
probably something to leave for an ASF T-shirt, if that is ever done at all.  

It might be better to leave such fine-grained details among AOO supporters and 
contributors to nametags or something similar (pins or stickers perhaps).

 - Dennis

PS: I have one Creative Commons T-Shirt that says "I'm a Commoner" which people 
don't get and I have to explain it.  The one that says "I love to share" on the 
front created an awkward moment with two tipsy ladies at a Mark Knopfler 
concert while Robert Scoble and I were walking back to our cars (where our 
wives had gone ahead).

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I think this is a lovely idea! :)

Maybe you  should take this up with marketing? Or see what they're up to.
Thye may already have come up with some ideas.

I think it would be great for committers to have specially labeled shirts
to wear to functions such as this.

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