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> Hi at all
> At the old OOo project, we have had T-Shirts. There was existing many
> different versions of OOo shirts. Moastly they was payed, designed and
> distributed by one of the OOo related associations. Same Country have had
> also Fan Shirts wich are selled by OOo related NGO's. One T-Shirt was
> donated by SUN Microsystems. To have a T-Shirt is a nice thing, if you go to
> represent AOO at a Event. The old shirts are compleetly outdated. (the old
> dark blue logo and a logo from a company who is no longer existent) I realy
> like to have a new Shirt. Samething like a Committer Shirt, what you think
> about?
> But there are different problems. Since we have not  our own monay at
> Apache, it's hard to solve the payment question. As far as I know, it's not
> allowd to put a sponsor on the shirt. I think you hit Traidmarke Issues from
> the ASF with it. And a Shirt will cost money. Maybe we can offer the Sponsor
> a Blog Post.

This is  covered by existing ASF trademark policy.  See the section
called "Using Apache trademarks on merchandise" here:


And you cans see what other products have done with this Google query:
 shirt site:apache.org

> The other topic is to distribute the Shirt all over the world. I realy like
> the Idea, but I'm simply on the wrong place to do samething like that.
> Switzerland is one of the moast expensive country in the world. Yes, I can
> do it from here, but finaly, it costs a load more then from a other country.
> I would realy like to have one for the ApacheCon Europe
> What do you think about?

The simplest method, I think, is to have have a volunteer design a
shirt, seem permission from the PPMC for the use of the logo and then
work with a 3rd party, like CafePress, to print the shirts.    There
are probably other, less expensive options, but they would be more
complicated, in terms of funding and distribution.


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