Rick McGuire wrote:
> This is exactly the last scenario I described to you yesterday and you
> adamantly declared that RexxCreateInterpreter was not getting called.
> There is an association between a thread and the "top-most" thread
> context that is created on that thread.  Once you call
> RexxCreateInterpreter on a given thread, you've created a new thread
> context and all legacy callbacks will map back to the the instance
> that is at the top of the call stack.
Yes, I thought so. But after going through the code path I found that.

> I see you have two choices for calls that involve this sort of nesting:
> 1)  Spin off a thread that creates an interpreter instance and holds
> it active, then use AttachThread()/DetatchThread() on that instance
> for all of your callbacks.
O.K. Currently I am Terminate()-ing that instance again before returning
from the Java initialization.

But then, when running the unloader I get a problem in that sending
messages to a directory object causes an exception. That directory
object is created in the loader, globally locked and should be cleaned,
unlocked and freed in the unloader. Have to look yet further into this

> 2)  Since the first usage is initiated by Rexx code, just use the
> interpreter instance from the initial call context as your active
> instance.
Yes, that is what I do (will go through the code path once more, once I
get a little bit more time).


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