Dear P.O.:

On 08.08.2017 12:43, P.O. Jonsson wrote:
> I cannot help you finding the cause of your problem but I can try to run the 
> program on various
> machines and collect some stats.
Thank you very much!

> I have downloaded the complete kit and can launch startTestProgressBar.rex
> I can see that the rexx program launches Java and the GUI show up with 3 
> buttons and a progress bar.
> What should I do next? I can click the buttons but see no response (except 
> the buttons frame
> changing color to blue). I can see rexxworker in the task list but that is 
> all.
> I have tried to click start some 100 times, no crash so far, I suspect I have 
> something set up
> incorrectly
> Here are the settings for the Machine
> macOS Sierra
... cut ...

you need a new version of BSF4ooRexx in order to become able to test this, 
therefore I created a new
installation package for MacOSX a few minutes ago and uploaded it to 
<>, the 
filename is:

You would have to use a Terminal window to switch into the directory and launch 
the Rexx program
with "" as it uses the GUI, e.g.: startTestProgressBar.rex

There are three possible scenarios:

  * the program runs through,
  * the program crashes,
  * the program hangs: if it hangs, then press Ctl-C in the Terminal window in 
order to kill the
    hanging process.


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