On 2019-08-23 10:27, Terry Fuller wrote:

Hi Erich, Gil,

Thanks for help... I think I'm in deeper trouble than I realized...  It seems that the gtk downloads referenced in 'windows-building' are all 32-bit programs.  I now assume that I must compile rexxgtk as 32-bit programs to match the gtk modules. Can you confirm this?

I now also think that I must replace my 64-bit ooRexx installation with a 32-bit one in order to test my rexxGTK.  Can anyone confirm that?  or can I run a 32-bit dll from a 64-bit ooRexx setup?

In my first attempt, I (naively) compiled all the rexxGTK modules as 64-bit programs.  Is it really possible to upgrade 32- to 64 bit code with just a re-compile? (Recognizing that I'd have to match that up with a 64-bit GTK or compile it and all it's dependencies to match.)

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