In my first attempt, I (naively) compiled all the rexxGTK modules as 
64-bit programs.  Is it really possible to upgrade 32- to 64 bit code 
with just a re-compile? (Recognizing that I'd have to match that up with 
a 64-bit GTK or compile it and all it's dependencies to match.)

It depends on how well the code was written. It takes a great deal of
discipline to write code that works as both 32-bit and 64-bit. ooRexx is
capable of that, but I can't making any assertions beyond that.   

Also it depends a lot on the compiler  and tools.  GCC and mingw have come a
long way the the last 10 years -- I now have win-builds and win-build64
trees and my Rexx program that runs the compiler just points to one of them
and sets a couple of options and it all works.  All my code for PanGazer and
MapGazer compiles for either cleanly (no warnings etc.).   When I started
compiling for 64-bit there were very few changes needed (a couple of times I
saved pointers in a 32-bit field, which was naughty but fortunately easily
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