Once again, the "reply" and "reply to list" buttons in my Thunderbird EMAIL client prevented me from publicly thanking Ruurd for the correct solution.   (I am used to clicking on "reply" to have messages posted to a mailing list, and so only he saw my thanks.)

By placing "liboosqlite.so" in  "/usr/local/lib"  on my Linux Mint 21 system, ooSQLite is now functioning correctly.

When I was running Ubuntu having  "liboosqlite.so" in "/usr/local/bin" worked without issues.

Again, thank you,  Ruurd for your help.

Marc, had I followed your suggestion of using LD_LIBRARY_PATH, it would also have provided a solution, but I would never has found the real problem.  using LD_LIBRARY_PATH  would have created a secondary problem for userid's other then my main developer ID, as this would have allowed "userb" to access "usera's" files.... which could have produced some interesting results (production -vs- testing.)

Following your reference to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, I had found some cautionary comments about using ".bashrc" when trying to specify a LD_LIBRARY_PATH on a _permanent_ basis. So I thank you for the educational lesson.

/s/ Bill Turner, wb4alm

On 6/1/23 05:04, Ruurd Idenburg wrote:


On my system linux Mint 20.3 system with ooSQLite.cls in /usr/local/bin and liboosqlite.so in /usr/local/lib

::requires LIBRARY "ooSQLite.cls" works as expected, no errors reported.


On 5/31/23 18:54, Ruurd Idenburg wrote:

Hi Bill,

I am not a knowledgeable person in respect with libraries, but all other rexx libraries are in /usr/local/lib ( and NOT in /usr/local/bin) on my linux Mint systems. Hope this helps.

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