Thanks for the reply.   I already figured that I should probably be looking at 
the flattened MARC fields section, but how do I use those to extract the OCLC 
number from the MARC field?    Can I select a particular MARC field to appear 
only in the output?  How do I tell the system to show me just that one field 
and not all of them?

  Specifics please.  ☺


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From the Bibliographic Record data source if you go to Flattened MARC Fields 
you can filter by Subfield / Tag etc... to get the 035 if you want.  The rest 
of what you mentioned (title, author, pub date) I would grab from the Simple 
Record Extracts.

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All –

I would like to run a report to get some basic bibliographic info (title, 
author, pub date) PLUS the oclc number.  Which source is best?   And then how 
to I get the OCLC number to show up in the output?  I cannot seem to find the 
right fields and such to get to that data.    How do I get the OCLC number to 
display in the output for each title?     Can anyone point me in the right 

  We would like to filter on shelving location and possibly include the call 
number and barcode.


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