Thanks.  I figured that but wanted to confirm.   <sigh>   Any thoughts on when 
this can be added to the development agenda?


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Hi Jennifer,

Those payment types correspond to data tables in the system so they are more 
than just labels.  Adding new payment types would require some development.

Rogan Hamby

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On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 7:47 PM, Walz, Jennifer 
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I don’t mean that one.  Payment types are cash, credit, check, work, forgive, 
and goods.   I don’t even see them listed in the billing types.  Billing types 
appear to be things I can bill for – like fees or overdue items or damaged 
items.  I don’t want to bill people – they already have one.  I want to mark 
the payment with a different label.   We need an additional category.   We 
would like to start tracking these in the cash report, but cannot do that right 
now because there is no payment type for that group.

Does that make sense?



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Admin -> Server Admin -> Billing Type


On 02/07/2017 05:23 PM, Walz, Jennifer wrote:
All –

I think I have asked this before.   Just asking again.   Can we ADD payment 
types to the list?   The ones there are great, but we need one more.   We are 
an academic institution and we can send our fines to Student Accounts to be 
paid through the cashier’s office.     We want to mark these as paid, but not 
paid to us, to include in our cash register receipts.    (it is rather like 
sending them to collections or something)     None of the current payment types 
suit our purpose.

  How do we add a payment type?


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