Hello, we are currently using payflow pro, which I think means that our 
evergreen server handles the CC data and puts it in PCI scope.  From what I'm 
reading, if we switched over to using Stripe, which uses a javascript library 
client side to submit the payment, then it would take our server out of scope.  
Does the Paypal code work the same way?

It looks like the tpac supports Stripe, but the web based self check does not.  
How about the staff client/web staff client payment interface.  Does that 
support Stripe?

Along the same lines, is there a way to disable the staff client credit card 
interface.  We don't want staff handling credit cards with that interface, 
since they have to type in the code and info, which I believe isn't PCI 
compliant, but I haven't found a setting to disable that but allow tpac 


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