Nope.   And I think that is where the difficulty lies.    We are not sure how 
to send out notices so that when the person replies, they are responding to the 
circulating library where the item originated – and NOT to their home library 
(who has no idea about that item).

  Does that make sense?    How then should we set these up so that they work in 
a different manner.   We don’t want to keep confusing the patrons.    But it IS 
nice that one notice goes out for all items.     Rather than the patron maybe 
getting one notice for each and every item.  Oy!    Is there a way to group 
notices by circulating library?



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Hi Jennifer,
Most of our notices are grouped by usr so that the patron gets 1 message with 
multiple items rather than an individual message for each item. Because there 
can be multiple items, there can also be multiple circulating libraries. Are 
you sending an individual message for each item?

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All –

We are having some issues with our notices.   When they go out, they have this 
in the template:

From: [%- params.sender_email || helpers.get_org_setting(user.home_ou, 
'org.bounced_emails') || default_sender %]

  However, we would like the FROM field to have the CIRCULATING Library as the 
FROM library.  How do we do that?    Currently, it looks like it is coming from 
the home library.  But the item generating the notice is the circulating 
library and that one is different.    We would like that email to be in the 
FROM  field.


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