This is also the procedure we follow at Pennsylvania Integrated Library System. 
I will say that is pretty great to be able to give these libraries the 
opportunity to automate for the first time. I would be happy to answer any 
additional questions.


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We had two libraries that came into Missouri Evergreen un-automated and without 
a usable shelf list.  (A usable shelf list could be sent off to Backstage or 
somewhere to be turned into MARC...but they still would have to touch every 
item to put a barcode on it.)  In both instances, we set up their org unit and 
made it invisible and unavailable for filling holds from other libraries.  They 
took each item, barcoded it, and cataloged it/attached it to existing records.  
We also got everything set up for settings/policies/etc.  When they were all 
finished with the cataloging, we flipped them to visible and holdable.  They 
registered patrons and gave them cards as the patrons came in.


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On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 12:50 PM, Schooff, Rose (LVA) 
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Up until now we have only dealt with libraries that had established catalogs.  
I now have a very small library that only has a card catalog and their books 
are not barcoded.

Where do I start?  I know the new librarian has started with weeding and that 
is always my first suggested step.

Do we barcode the books first or as they are added to the Virginia Evergreen 
Libraries catalog?

I would think they would register patrons as they borrow books.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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