We have 4 libraries doing this currently (cataloging into our consortium)!  We 
do wait until the library has reached a critical mass (80%+) of their 
collection before issuing cards and granting their patrons access to the 
consortium (to encourage timely cataloging of their collection).  We've also 
instituted a program in the last year where experienced staff from other area 
consortium libraries come in for work days to help out with the process of 
getting the materials in.  As with the others, we barcode as we go, especially 
as additional weeding tends to happen as catalogers actually handle the item 
and can reevaluate based on consortium availability of a given title (How many 
copies of that 1960s edition classic *do* we really need?).  While in the 
cataloging phase, the collections are hidden and untargetable.

Congrats on your new member!

Anna Goben
Evergreen Indiana Coordinator
Indiana State Library
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Indianapolis, IN 46204
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Up until now we have only dealt with libraries that had established catalogs.  
I now have a very small library that only has a card catalog and their books 
are not barcoded.

Where do I start?  I know the new librarian has started with weeding and that 
is always my first suggested step.

Do we barcode the books first or as they are added to the Virginia Evergreen 
Libraries catalog?

I would think they would register patrons as they borrow books.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Rose M. Schooff
Technology Consultant
Library Development and Networking
The Library of Virginia
800 E. Broad Street
Richmond, VA  23219

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