What an outstanding pool of nominees.

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> Here are a list of candidates.  The candidates are listed in alphabetical
> order along with their statements.  In the next few days, we will be
> sending out emails to all who registered to vote in the election.  I would
> like to thank all who were nominated and agreed to server on the Oversight
> Board.
> Adam Bowling - Technical Director, Emerald Data Networks
> Candidate Statement
> As an active participant and administrator in the community for nearly ten
> years, I am thrilled at the continued development and implementation of
> Evergreen throughout the world. I wish to be a part of it for the next ten
> years and beyond.
> Jason Boyer - MIS Supervisor, Indiana State Library
> Candidate Statement
> I have worked in libraries since 2000 and have worked at Evergreen
> libraries since 2008 when my library joined the newly formed Evergreen
> Indiana Consortium. Shortly thereafter I began submitting patches and have
> been a contributor since. In 2013 I took a position as the System
> Administrator for Evergreen Indiana. Working on both sides of ILS
> management has exposed me to a wide range of concerns from how to make the
> most of Evergreen features at a single library to how to scale a system up
> to serve over 115 library systems at over 160 physical locations. This has
> given me a significant interest in the ways that Evergreen performance can
> be enhanced while still adding new features.
> Anna Goben - Evergreen Indiana Coordinator, Indiana State Library
> Candidate Statement
> I’ve been working with the Evergreen ILS since 2008.  At that time, I was
> working as a Reference Librarian and was chosen to serve as ILS Project
> Manager for my small public library when we joined the newly formed
> Evergreen Indiana consortium as a pilot member.  In 2013, I became the
> project director of the Evergreen Indiana consortium, responsible for
> training, recruitment and migration direction, event planning, committee
> coordination, and policy management for all 116 of our active and 5
> migrating members.  I coordinated the Evergreen International Hack-A-Way in
> 2016 and 2017 and serve as a consortium representative to the MassLNC
> collaborative development group. Through my roles over the years, I have
> had the opportunity to become aware of the needs and experiences common to
> front line library staff of all levels as well as the administrative
> challenges of a consortium that play a significant role in developing,
> implementing, and utilizing Evergreen successfully in libraries today.
> Debbie Lubenchill - Evergreen Coordinator, MOBIUS
> Candidate Statement
> I am a librarian and have been the Evergreen Coordinator at MOBIUS since
> August 2012, where I help administer our Evergreen hosting and managing
> services:  conducting trainings, creating documentation, answering help
> desk questions, assisting with system setup during migrations, and
> performing a variety of other administrative functions.  Being a part of
> the Evergreen community over the last five years has been a really
> important and fun aspect of my job - attending conferences, serving on
> several Conference Site Selection Committees, participating in the
> Documentation Interest Group, and helping to plan the 2018 conference.  I
> have also served on other Boards and leadership teams, both professionally
> and in my local community, and my strengths lie in helping people
> communicate and work together, problem solving, listening, leadership, and
> empathy. I am excited to offer my strengths and skills to the Evergreen
> community and look forward to serving you!
> Meme Marlow - Director, Worch Memorial Public Library, Versailles, OH
>  (COOL)
> Candidate Statement
> I am Meme Marlow the director of Worch Memorial Public Library in
> Versailles, Ohio and a member of the Consortium of Ohio Libraries (COOL). I
> have been the director of the library for 8 years. It was during that time
> a group of library directors interested in open source ILSs got together to
> discuss options for making this a reality. In 2012 these libraries formed
> COOL using Evergreen.
> Since joining in 2013, my main contributions to Evergreen have been
> helping establish the consortium through serving on the COOL board and
> assisting in the development of policies and procedures that will be
> attractive to other libraries seeking membership in a consortium. In
> addition, I am now serving as the president of the COOL board and am an
> active member of the Evergreen outreach committee.
> Now that COOL is a healthy and thriving consortium, I am ready to get more
> involved with the larger Evergreen community. I am looking forward to the
> opportunity to serve and I think I can make a valuable contribution to
> Evergreen community through service on the Evergreen Oversight Board.
> Jessica Woolford - Systems Manager, Bibliomation
> Candidate Statement
> I attended my first Evergreen conference in 2010. I was still in library
> school and just beginning my professional career at Bibliomation. It was my
> first professional conference, I was on a panel, and I was terrified! I
> soon learned I had nothing to fear. I have found the Evergreen community to
> be extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly. It has contributed
> greatly to my professional development, as I have moved up to the role of
> Evergreen Systems Manager at Bibliomation. In my career, I have been able
> to see Evergreen from many angles, from the perspective of the supporting
> the end users, and now the "care and feeding" of the Evergreen system. I
> continuously look for ways to contribute to the community. I have presented
> at several Evergreen conferences and served as the Reports Interest Group
> convener. I am grateful for the opportunities the Evergreen community has
> given me, and I would be honored to serve the community in a new capacity.
> --
> Tim Spindler, Evergreen Oversight Board Chair
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